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Information on Architectural Services:

Myths about Architects 

3 reasons to hire connections architectural  

Guide to Architectural Services

Typical services 


Once you better understand the Owner/Architect relationship, you'll be ready to begin your project:

You and your Architect  

Questions to ask when hiring an Architect

O.K., I know I want to hire an architect, but how do I know this is right for me?

Finding an Architect wasn't a problem. The challenge is to determine if we are right for you! We don't believe in dictating what your needs are. We believe in working with you as a team. We need your involvement to make a project succeed the way it should.

What questions should I ask?

This is the most exciting and creative time to ask questions. Ask anything and everything that comes to mind. We are determined to make you feel comfortable in the process of designing a project together. Discuss how long the project will take to complete. Make sure you talk budget! Ask about the different charges we will anticipate and discuss any budget constraints up front. Getting the difficult questions of fees asked up front will allow for an easier discussion to continue later.

How do Architect's charge for their service?

That varies. Sometimes we charge an hourly rate, sometimes a fixed fee, and still other times a percentage of construction costs. Sometimes we suggest a combination of the above. Often, it depends on the scope of work, type of project and amount of services. Whatever the method, we discuss the payment plan early and make sure there's an agreement, before the process begins.

Should I get everything in writing?

Absolutely! We provides a variety of standard contract forms that are used widely throughout the industry.

Wait, I'm having second thoughts; tell me again why I need an Architect?

Would you go into surgery without a doctor? Would you embark on a court case without a lawyer? Well, that one you could manage, but you might not get the optimum results. It's the same with using an Architect. First of all, we can help you clarify and define your wants and needs. Architects are the sole professionals who have the education, training and experience to guide you through the entire process.


Secondly, we see the big picture. Whether it's a new home or a renovation, an office or a public library, we can help you create your dream, and do it within your time frame and your budget.

But isn't it more expensive to work with an Architect?

Not in the long run. A well-designed project can be built more efficiently and more economically. Energy-efficient buildings can save quite a bit on fuel bills. Choosing the appropriate materials means they will last longer and save on replacement costs. A well-designed building will also add to the building value or selling price, once it's time to make a move.

When should I bring the Architect in on the project?

The sooner the better. When possible, the Architect will assist you in choosing a site for your new building- a decision that will play a big role in determining the shape your building will take, as well as its cost. Before actually designing the project, we can also help you with budget considerations, time constraints, and long-term planning for your project completion.

What can I count on the Architect to provide?

That depends on the scope of professional services required for your project as well and what you and the Architect have agreed on in advance. But services can include preliminary (schematic) design, design development, preparation of documents, and administration of the agreements between you and your builder or contractor, and project management.

What are my responsibilities?

The owner should be clear on design objectives, constraints, and criteria. A well-defined budget at the start is critical. The owner is also responsible for any services that are called for during construction, such as testing services. The owner should also provide any legal, accounting, auditing, and insurance counseling services that are needed for the project.

Any tips to ensure that this is going to be a successful relationship?

Yes, keep talking!! It's vital to keep the lines of communication open during the course of the project. It's critical that you and your Architect have a relationship that will withstand the inevitable bumps in the road that will occur along the way. Make it your business to be involved. Remember that it is easier to solve a small problem quickly than to have it develop into a big one.


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