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Information on Architectural Services:

Myths about Architects 

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A few myths about Architects

Myth #1: It's just four walls and a roof... I don't need an architect.

Not true.

Architects help make decisions. After talking with an architect, many people are surprised at their own definite ideas about what they want in a project.


Architects help owners think about how a building functions. They can design a home that is flexible enough to grow with a young couple who work now but expect children later or an office space that can expand as the company grows. Architects can design an inexpensive, energy-efficient, fully accessible project for retired people on a fixed income, or for a company whose needs are determined by fiscal responsibility. They can show how a house built for a single family can be remodeled into a house for a group of single working people or how an addition that fits and conforms with the existing design can be added to the existing house.

Myth #2: All I need is a builder or a contractor.

Not true.

The architect is the one building professional who has the training and experience to guide owners through the entire building process, from initial design through construction to final inspection.


An architect serves as the owner's agent. As head of a team of specialists (engineers, landscape architects, contractors, etc.), an architect's first obligation is to look out for the owner's interests. Architects' drawings and construction documents tell the contractor precisely what to build and set down exact requirements. They help owners obtain bids for construction based on those same requirements. They inspect the contractor's work and review the contractors payment requisitions to make sure there are no surprises, making sure the owner gets what they have contracted. They prepare work change orders according to contractual agreements to assure that changes during construction are recorded and agreed upon including revising contract amounts.

Myth #3: An architect is an unaffordable luxury.

Not true.

Architects' fees are not just added on top of project costs. They save the owner money in many ways.


Architects oversee the owner's budget and negotiate to obtain the best materials and workmanship at a good price. More importantly, an architect's design can greatly reduce energy and maintenance costs, which add up to many times the purchase price of a building over the years. They can turn a difficult lot into a successful building site. They spend time planning and developing the owner's ideas fully to avoid costly refinements after construction is underway. They can make sure bids for construction are based on exactly what the owner wanted and expected to get the best price. They can find do-it-yourself parts of the project for the owner or guide them through the procedures on how to act as their own contractor.

Myth #4: Architects just draw blueprints.

Not true.

The best answer to the question of what architects do is open ended. Architects do renovation, energy analysis, site selection, interiors, cost analysis, construction and/or construction management.


In designing a project, architects can add a porch, a skylight or design a complete house. They can adapt an old building to a new use and keep its character. They can redesign an office or a plant to be more efficient or to keep up with technological progress or advancements. Architects can provide cost estimates. They can make a building safe for occupancy. They can fit a building to a difficult site. Architects can find skillful craftspeople or they can enlarge a building and eliminate the need to move.

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