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Toronto House

This standard square plan with an enclosed entry hall disturbed the clients as they felt that the home felt too dark and formal.  Doors from the hall led to the dining room, kitchen and a stair to the basement.   A flat roofed one story attached garage did not lead directly to the interior of the house.

The programmatic needs of the client were to modernize the house to be more open, allowing light into the core of the house and be "free flowing".  More importantly, the clients desired a family room addition, a new kitchen that opened onto it and a new Master Bedroom and Bathroom suites.  The ideal location for the Master Bedroom was on the roof of the garage.  The challenge was to find a way to interconnect all the new elements.  The solution was to create circulation spaces "between" the spaces - or interstice to tie the project together and allow free flowing circulation throughout the house.

The shape and feel of the addition was one of very personal desires to "feel like we were in our sailboat" at the Yacht Club.  So a new stair that leads to the Master Bedroom was designed to include a boat shaped library built in at the midway point.  From the inside of this library, one could climb out to the deck (or dock) between the sail-like shaped roof of the Family room and pavilion-like Master Bedroom component.

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