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New York University Apartment at 
IM Pei's Silver Towers 

Built in 1966 for New York University, this housing development consists of three 32-storey apartment towers, two of which are for university's faculty housing. An enlargement of Picasso's sculpture Bust of Sylvette (1934), by Norwegian sculptor Carl Nesjär, fills the public plaza. 

In a very utilitarian theme, the existing  apartments all maintain a rather sterile single 8'-0" high ceiling and full height doors to hallways, closets, and rooms.

The entry hall in this apartment was no different.  The entry hall was surrounded by this common height with doors to the hallway, closets, and rooms. The entry hall felt enclosed, was badly lit and had a sterile effect.

To make the apartment feel open and large, a Japanese shoji system was used to maximize the horizontality of the space.  Doors were removed, a large storage closet was converted to a work-station and a ceiling was dropped in the hallway allowing the entry to become a ceiling cove lit space.

In every room, a shelving system derived of geometric compositions provides functional work areas and additional storage without the effect of standard shelf systems. 




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